Wobblers( 1year- 18 months)

At Little People's Academy we recognize that children ate this age need to have time to explore and experiment independently but they still need the cuddles and the attention they had as a baby.

Every child's development milestones are unique and we at Little People's Academy look out for signs that your child is ready to move from Baby Room to Wobbler Room.

At this stage children are learning to walk and explore the world around them.

They also start to build their confidence, socialize with their little friends and understand the world around them. This is truly exciting time for your Wobbler.

All our rooms are specially designed according to your child's age group and developmental needs.

So you can be assured that your child is learning in a playful and stimulating environment.

Wobbler Activities

Our Wobbler Room is designed according to your child's needs, offering a lot of fun in a colourful and safe environment.

During this time your child will learn how to explore the world and soon will be steady on their feet.

It is the wobbler room where your child will spend much of their time exploring their world in new ways, socializing, practicing their motor skills.

Arts and crafts activities are a part of your child's daily rotine, such as hand prints, finger prints, sticking, etc. All of these activities encourage our child's creativity and imagination.

Water play, messy play, outdoor activities are introduced to your child at this stage.

Our teachers have weekly themes to ensure that your child is shown a variety of concepts in a way that is easy and also great fun.

Every day you will get a detailed report of how your child's day was.