Toddlers Senior ( 2-3 years)

Your child will move to the Toddler Senior Room whenever they are ready to do so.

Every child is unique and we at Little People's Academy follow their own pace.

In the Toddler Senior Room your child will be introduced to a vast variety of concepts about the world around them through our carefully planned educational programme.

The room offers activities and toys that help concentration, imaginative play and sound interaction is encouraged through a home corner, dressing-up trolley and puppets. A wide selection of books offers group reading and quiet individual reading.A lot of time is dedicated to painting, crafts, singing, dancing, music and story telling.

Your child will increase their vocabulary, improve their social life, make a lot of friends, retain a lot of information and also they will be able to formulate ideas.

During this time we also work with you to toilet-train your child when you decide the time is right.